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**Our Water is all natural, no preservatives. Please keep your bottles in a cool dark place to prevent algae growth, Thank you!**







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Dear Customers,

It is important that we as a community do everything we can to stem the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. This is an update of what measures we are taking and what you can do to help.

Supply logistics

We have a limited supply of bottles to fill, and our service depends on getting back a similar number of returns as what we deliver. People have been asking for extra bottles to store for emergency. At this time we need to limit the number to the number of empties you have to return, unless there is exceptional circumstances. Consider purchasing Emergency Water for Storage from Country Grocer from a supplier that has larger volume and overhead. We will be ordering new bottles, but our supplier is also limited. If we have no bottles to fill we will have to shut down our service.


Empty bottles returned from private homes are a potential source of community infection. The virus can survive for one or two days on surfaces. The virus can be spread even if you do not have symptoms so we should all consider ourselves potentially infected when it comes to surfaces that can come in contact with others.

Therefore please disinfect the outside of the empty bottles before putting out for return! Likewise if returning via a commercial outlet.

We will also do our part to disinfect bottles as they come back, and the drivers will disinfect their hands and gloves between deliveries. This is meant to be a secondary precaution as we hope you will do your part!

Additionally we advise you to disinfect the outside of fresh bottles delivered to you as an extra precaution to protect your home. We are advising these redundancies to eliminate all risk of human error or accident.

We have a very limited staff and if we get sick we will have to stop our service for the quarantine period.

Extra Important

If you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms please advise us and keep your empties at home, disinfected and under cover, away from area of infected person's activity. When the household is clear of symptoms, we will come to collect the empties with a separate truck and an extra diligent disinfection procedure.

We can still deliver fresh bottles to your door, just inform us of the amount required prior to delivery day.

Thank you for understanding and participating in limiting potential infection, and flattening the curve. Hopefully our community will remain low risk via our collective attention to due diligence, hygiene and precautionary measures.


Rhonan Heitzmann


The Saltspring Water Co. is a full service bottled and bulk water delivery company, located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, B.C. As a small local business, we are delighted to present you with Saltspring's Finest Natural Spring Water!

From an elevation of 830 feet and bordering on Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, our 225 foot deep groundwater spring provides a steady supply of high quality natural spring water, which we bottle right at the source.

Classified as natural spring water, with only 60 ppm of total dissolved mineral salts, the exceptional taste and quality of our water is matched only by its natural purity.

Our aim is to provide high quality water and exceptional customer service to the local Saltspring Island community.

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